Observer series 


With the Observer Series, it can go down to a depth of 450 meters, it provides the most efficient solution in a short time for all necessary underwater services with a tunnel range of 7 km. We then provide detailed analysis and reporting for industrial tasks such as pipeline and underwater construction inspection. Forming a tunnel profile in Turkey, we produce our own equipment for our Observer ROV series, which has the longest tunnel inspection range in Europe with navigation and sensor fusion. We carry out the logistics with our own operators and personnel.


We increase energy efficiency by providing 3D mapping software of underwater structures, image processing, detailed analysis, and reporting services for early detection of corrosion, pollution, cracks and damages for industrial tasks such as underwater pipeline inspection, survey, and maintenance.



We minimize blade maintenance and repair costs with our software solution, which aims to prevent production loss by processing the data received from sensors placed on wind turbine blades for wind turbine manufacturers, service providers and energy companies in our algorithm. We facilitate planned and unplanned maintenance activities of wind turbine blades with our system that makes early damage detection and ensure more reliable risk planning. With Windrover, we extend the life of wind turbine blades with our cheaper and easier solution without renewing the blades.



With Solarrover, our solar panel cleaning robot that performs water-free cleaning technology and brushless cleaning, while cleaning solar panels, it also detects cracks and micro-cracks on the panels early, making risk planning easier, we offer our artificial intelligence solution that minimizes repair costs. Our autonomous robot, which has a modular design, can be easily set up with two people in less than ten minutes without the need for special equipment. The design that does not harm the glass surface in any way and reduces the total power consumption, Safer than manual cleaning thanks to the use of brushes with soft bristles used to prevent any scratches on the PVP surface, It is a less costly and efficient solution.