Inspect your cages quickly and thoroughly.


Our underwater robot is highly efficient for routine inspection of your nets or cages, underwater lighting, feeding control, net cleaning, species monitoring, control of different processes or solving dead fish removal problems.

You can focus your business on increasing production while reducing costs. In addition, the lateral movement of our vehicles allows technicians to easily conduct inspections of the side areas by guiding the ROV around the cage.

Our Solutions

With our underwater vehicles, you can withstand currents of up to 3 knots, so you can maintain stable maneuverability throughout the inspection.

Professional Diving

GOZCU is your best friend underwater


Threats to the safety of professional divers are often hidden in underwater areas. SEAROVER offers you a safer view with the GOZCU.

Divers will know exactly where to focus their efforts and will have a better understanding of the environment they are about to enter.

Our underwater robots make the tasks professional divers have to face every day safer and make the tasks easier to manage.

Our Solutions

Our vehicles are the perfect companion for any underwater task such as infrastructure inspections or maintenance operations.

Use in Freshwater


Different private companies and public institutions are using underwater robots to inspect freshwater tanks, fire fighting tanks, other water containers that require maintenance and routine inspection.

The convenient size of our underwater robot allows divers to observe areas that cannot be safely accessed and inspected: leaks, sediment levels, coating condition and the overall condition of a tank. Its high maneuverability allows it to enter difficult-to-reach areas to see what others cannot see.

Our Solutions

Our robots are perfect vehicles for making high resolution visual inspections, and their load-carrying capacity and freedom of movement make them indispensable products in any water treatment station.


Safety and efficiency guaranteed


As the population increases, the need for efficient production and energy distribution becomes more and more priority. Whether wind, solar, oil and gas, nuclear or hydroelectric, most new energy formations involve submerged infrastructure.

Our Solutions

Ensuring safety and efficiency in underwater operations and at the same time reducing environmental impact depends on adequate and periodic maintenance of the treated area and equipment.

Our underwater robot is an alternative that perfectly complements the work of divers working in both routine and emergency inspections. Our vehicles can be used to inspect power plants and water tanks.


An underwater world accessible to all


If you are passionate about diving, want to explore the wonders of the underwater world, admire the beauty of the seas and also capture every moment in the images, you can do so with our underwater robots.

Underwater Research

Science for all

Alternative, Profitable and Efficient

With our underwater robot, we offer you a cost-effective and efficient alternative for underwater research, making it possible to explore our oceans, rivers and lakes.

These types of surveys are usually carried out far from the coast, but thanks to the portability offered by our ROV, this barrier has been removed.

Our Solutions

Our underwater robot improves underwater observation, allowing more extensive research, better focus of research efforts, and excellent data collection.

Harbors and Marinas

You are in control of your underwater assets


Routine inspections are essential for the maintenance of all underwater infrastructure. Although the importance of such inspections increases every day, divers also take part in dangerous situations to do this kind of work.

Inspections of dams, bridges and reservoirs have always been challenging and often dangerous; however, today GOZCU offers solutions that eliminate risks for divers and also greatly reduce the high costs of inspections.

Our Solutions

GOZCU is equipped with a powerful internal battery specifically designed to provide the long hours of operation required for such work.

The portable controller allows the operator to maneuver the vehicle without having to enter the water. It is also very easy to use and takes a short time to learn.

Search and rescue

GOZCU helps you to plan your rescue missions


Few missions are as difficult as search and rescue units deciding when to risk a diver’s life to find a victim who may or may not be in a particular location.

Divers often risk their lives in such operations; therefore, the percentage of accidents will decrease when they have more information about the situation they face underwater.

The more they know about the underwater environment they encounter, the easier it will be to prepare themselves and reduce the risk.

Our Solutions

GOZCU provides a higher level of safety for divers. When the victim is found with our robot, divers can be asked to reach the victim quickly and safely by following the tether towards the victim and using the lights as a guide. Our robot is a reliable partner for divers.

Defense Industry

Underwater robots are indispensable for the defense industry due to their strategic applications. Although these systems are primarily produced for underwater inspection and exploration purposes, they have started to take place in different fields of duty as time and technology progressed. Over the past time, the expected strategic approaches for underwater robots have been reshaped and the defense thinking in the offshore and coastal shelf areas of future military systems has completely changed. The idea of using an unmanned underwater vehicle for unlimited time and not keeping any valuable military personnel in harmful environmental conditions has been accepted by all military circles.