Observer has 6 thrusters with high performance and vectorial configuration, modular structure, and with expandable features, it is an underwater robot designed for control, research tasks, industrial work and underwater enthusiasts.

It provides long-term operation under water with taking power from the specially designed and fast-changeable Li-Ion battery unit.

Powerful LED lights with adjustable intensity provide perfect illumination for 1080p camera that provides vivid HD view; thanks to these features our ROV has superior visibility in night conditions and dark environments.

Having special equipment to fulfill challenging tasks in its class, Observer plays a key role in many sectors such as aquaculture, pipelines, underwater constructions, ports, exploration-recovery, underwater archeology, underwater biological research. It is possible to add extra sensors, Sonar, Lidar, USBL, DVL, robotic arm on Observer depending on the environment and tasks.

Observer can meet all underwater needs of different industries with its ability to work at depths of 100 meters and cable options of 100-200-300 meters with 160 kgf breaking force.

You can control the robot from the operator console or from the computer, thanks to the UI technology that makes the usage and control facilities easier.

Options such as depth stabilization and position control increase the functionality of the product while revealing its superior features. In this way, we made underwater experiences with the Observer quite simple and efficient!


As Searover, we produce underwater robots at very competitive prices that make inspection, maintenance or research efficient, enabling us to perform these tasks without risking any human life. They are often referred to as underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle).

  • Efficient work

Our robot assists companies in the inspection, maintenance and repair of underwater structures and equipment.

  • Compatibility

We are a manufacturer that can adapt our underwater robots to each customer’s needs.

  • Security

We offer one of the best alternatives that reduce the huge risk to life that divers take by diving deep for long periods.

  • Profitability

Our underwater robot offers a cost effective alternative for research and underwater inspections. Provides reduction of operational expenses.

What is ROV used for?

The main use of underwater inspection ROVs is to inspect submerged objects. Especially,

  • Increasing the frequency and efficiency of inspections in aquaculture facilities,
  • Observing concrete blocks in ports,
  • Examining long distance pipes,
  • They assist in accompanying divers during risky operations. In addition, ROVs are widely used in the following applications:
  • Search and rescue: scanning of large areas or areas difficult to access by security forces with lateral scanning sonar.
  • Marine research: Identification of sea beds, measurement of water parameters (pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature), supporting sampling of water or mud
  • Recovery of underwater objects (hydrophones, measuring devices, etc.).

Main Features