As a young robotics company, we were originally founded in 2018 to produce ROVs for commercial diving operations that can handle extremely risky missions. In this niche sector; We continue to develop with our robotic and operation services that minimize the vital risks in the inspections of dams and extend the lifetime of the pipelines. With our experience in the energy sector, we offer risk planning for preventive and predictive maintenance and repair activities in the renewable energy sector, robotics and software solutions that extend the life of facilities. We collect data with sensors for the needs of our customers and process them in our algorithms, giving real-time feedback and providing detailed analysis and reporting services. With our products and services, we focus on the needs of the energy sector.




With our robotics and IoT solutions, we aim to increase efficiency in renewable energy by reducing O&M costs in the energy sector, thereby eliminating dependence on fossil fuels and leading digital transformation in the energy sector.




We strive to increase the rate of planned and unexpected maintenance, optimizing efficiency, and continuously improving the customer experience by using sensors and algorithms suitable for the needs of our customers, with a “customer-oriented”, “understandable” and responsible approach. With our team of young and dynamic engineers and technicians who are experts in their fields, and our technical infrastructure, we offer robotic and IoT solutions for the underwater and energy sector without compromising quality and customer satisfaction.

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