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Savage adore: the newest, prudish Tumblr is ruining my sex-life

Savage adore: the newest, prudish Tumblr is ruining my sex-life

Can I have my kinky content right right right right back now? Getty Images/iStockphoto

I’m a 19-year-old bisexual girl actually into orgasm denial and edging. Utilizing the present Tumblr ban on all NSFW content, i’ve no clue where you should indulge my kinks and locate my community.

I’ve never had a need to get somewhere else to locate porn, explore my sex, and stay in the middle of supportive people—and now I’m at a loss. A few searches that are google been actually disheartening. Obviously I’ve been spoiled by most of the easily discovered porn created by ladies, for females on Tumblr. Hell, I’m used to it being created by bisexuals, for bisexuals. I’m like I’m 15 once again, desperately scouring the world wide web for something that relates to me personally. Please let me know where I am able to find my porn! Lacking My Porn Community P.S. You composed regarding how this ban harms intercourse employees, Dan, but please write on exactly exactly exactly just exactly how it harms queer and people that are kinky too!

“Many individuals are scrambling to relocate their fetish communities within the wake of Tumblr’s ban on ‘adult content, ’” stated Alexander Cheves, a queer journalist whom lives in new york. “Porn is much a lot more than hot videos—porn produces communities. (daha&helliip;)

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